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Heather is amused by John's FLY!!!

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ok i did this review like at 3am or so the nite of the concert so i was a lil let's say oh my god! the goo goo dolls show was freaking awesome! me, amie, and elissa got 3rd row dead center. tonic came out first and played they were really good, and the one guitarist, Jeff was freakin hot man. then the lights started to flash and you could hear the first chords of Dizzy....then John came running out with Robby behind him. i mean on TV when u see John ur like, uh he's gorgeous but in real life...omg it was orgasmic...hehe then when they did Broadway, i waved to John and he smiled and made eye contact with me. then they did Iris, and during the chorus Robby made dead eye contact with me and mouthed the chorus that John was singing and sang it to me....the girl next to me was like omg he just sang to u. when Robby saw i was all excited he got all smiles. then during the next to last song Robby pointed to me again and smiled. it was freakin awesome!!!! John was sssssoooooo funny to, and then his fly kept unzipping and we were screaming 'ur fly's down!' but he couldn't make out what we were saying so a girl wrote it on the sign she had and he took her sign and read it and zipped his pants, it was sssoo funny....oh and John smiled so much....omg it was great

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