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Mary shares her delights of Goo

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Friday, December 31, 2004

Ok, here’s how Part Two goes…

I won’t go into all of the highly frustrating details of dealing with Pechanga and the package deals. We’ll just say they sucked—BIG time! =P

While I went to check out the box office scene at around 8:40 a.m., I saw Tom the drummer from LC coming in my direction. We chatted for a few minutes. He’s such a nice guy. I reconfirmed their room number since we were planning on sending the guys a bottle of champagne later that day. After chatting with him and checking out the box office, I regrouped with my friends and we decided to wait in line at the buffet for lunch. While we were waiting in line, Tom (LC drummer, in case you’ve forgotten already) and Mike (LC guitarist) stop by and chat with us. (Didn’t I tell you these guys are great?!!) Anyway, the buffet opened so our chat ended.

After lunch, we just bummed around the place. Oh, and ran out to Wal-mart to pick up some disposable cameras. I know, very exciting. =) Then we waited in line for the package tickets at 2 p.m. May I suggest NEVER EVER patronizing Pechanga? They sucked. After the stress and anger we all felt, we were quite relieved to discover most of us had front row, except for two of us who ended up with Row M. Besides the way Pechanga handled the package deals, what also really sucked is that you couldn’t upgrade your tickets—or, at least, that’s what we were told. (You never got the same answer twice at this place.)

Now that we’re a bit relaxed that this package ticket thing was done, nothing too exciting happened for a while. We just hung around the place and then got ready for the show.

We got in line for the show at around 8 or 8:30 p.m., I think. As we were standing there, Robby and Miyoko came hurrying up to the doors, holding hands, but the doors were locked, so they had to keep trying the next set of doors until they were able to get in the last set. =)

Then, Dave (LC guitarist) comes out and says to us that a big thank you was in order for the bottle of champagne we sent to them. He was so appreciative. I can’t tell you enough just how sweet these LC guys are. They really made this trip such a great time and a memory I know my friends and I will never forget. I’ll be telling my grandkids one day about these sweet LC guys. LOL.


Doors opened at 9 p.m. We got our seats. I waved to my friend and brother in Row M from front row. I think they waved back…of course, they could have been giving me the finger…

My friend and I were talking to the security guards, getting the deal about standing at the rail. As we’re talking to them, I see TJ (LC leader) across the venue talking to someone, so I wave. He waves back. I continue talking to the security guards and they’re asking me who’s opening for the Goos. As I start to say Last Conservative, there TJ is right next to my friend and I, so I’m like “These guys are!” He gives me and my friend a hug. He gave one of the security guards a guitar pick. I had him wave to my friend and brother in Row M. Then he went over to our friends in the left section of front row and gave them hugs. Then he went over to my friend and brother and said “Hi” to them. What a sweetie!

Before the show starts, Dave (LC) was on stage, I think adjusting his equipment (ok, that kind of sounds funny, but I forgot what the board-thing was called—that’s what I’m referring to here, nothing dirty!), and my friend and I yelled “woo-hoo!” and made him smile.

LC came on pretty much on time, I think. I rarely wear watches, so I’m usually unaware of actual time. Anyway, they were great. My friends and I screamed our heads off. =) And I’m snapping pictures away. Dave threw one of his guitar picks at me but it flew way past my head. But after they played, the guy who was sitting next to me gave it to me, saying it would mean more to me than him. That was so very cool of him. He’ll always have the eye injury to remember the pick by.

While during their set, TJ says to the crowd that they met some really, really cool people (of which, we knew he meant us) and Dave pointed at us as TJ said this. That was very cool.

After they finished, I got one of the setlists. Really, LC are very talented guys. Please check them out. =)

So, now we’re waiting for the Goos, hoping that they’ll be in better moods tonight. I think they came on around 11:20 p.m. or so. They seemed to be in much better moods, so I was happy. And being in the front row, I noticed John was sniffling a bit and looked a little on the pale side. So now I realize why he was probably in a crappy mood the night before.

I had my “We Made It Through The Rain” sign proudly displayed. John had commented on it, but I really couldn’t make out what he had said. He might have just repeated what it said. But, I know for sure he saw it! =) Robby and Greg saw it, too.

I had been taking pictures (without flash this time since their bodyguards were around). I got to about the 15th picture when their one bodyguard (is it Mike? I always forget, but I think this is right) came up to me. Ah, great! I’m thinking. But he was really cool about it. He just said that the casino was really strict about cameras so I should put it away so they don’t take it away from me. Of course, towards the end of the show, I was snapping more pictures. At this point in the evening, they’ve got bigger problems to worry about than me taking pictures. ;)

After the show, Mike tossed some drumsticks into the crowd. I almost got one! But it bounced off my palm and went behind me. I wasn’t about to attempt to go back for it. I’d end up getting impaled with it or something. We stood at the rail for a few minutes longer. A woman from the stage approached me and said “Hey you, with the sign” and hands me a blue guitar pick. Awesome! =)

We left after that and hung around the LC guys while they were signing autographs and selling their merchandise. I had them sign the sign I made for them. That will be proudly displayed in my Hall of Fame.

After a while, the venue staff kicked us out—along with TJ. So, we stood outside the doors and chatted for a little while. They had to finish packing up their equipment so TJ said he’d look out for us later.

We headed to the little café we ate at the night before. When we finished there, we decided to walk around the casino. So, we headed back towards the venue. On the way, we passed Mike (LC guitarist) and waved. When we reached the venue, TJ and Dave were coming out. They took several pictures with us (poor guys, I know they were tired! But, hey, they gotta get used to this! We gave them some practice.) While we were chatting, Robby and Brian came out of the venue. We waved at them and Robby gave us the “Rock On” gesture. It looked like he had been having a good time. ;) Tom (LC drummer) came out and chatted with us for a bit. Then, we had to be on our way.

I’d say the NYE show was very good—better than the night before. As far as where it would compare to other Goo shows I’ve been to… maybe it would be somewhere in the middle. There was more crowd interaction and no songs were messed up, but I have been to some really great shows. I think what made this show so great was the combination of GGD and LC playing. I’d say meeting and hanging out the LC guys is really what made this trip memorable. I love the Goos—don’t get me wrong—it was just so cool getting to talk to the LC guys.

I think that’s about it… If I recall anything else, I will be sure to let you know. I hope you enjoyed reading my reviews of the shows. Have a GOO day! =)

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