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Quotes from Robby

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"I'm trying to picture some little girl whose favorite bands are like Goo Goo Dolls and Savage Garden or 'N Sync going 'aw, that Johnny is so cute. I'm going to buy all his early records,' and putting it on and then screaming and running to her parents."

"I don't feel like a musician, I feel like a kid with a guitar"

"I was on vacation in Hawaii. Weird things happen to your head when your in paradise right?" - Robby on "January Friend"

"The scene changes. You don't stay around for ten years when you follow the scene, you know."

"Mike? What's that noise that comes out of your face sometimes?"

"Fucked-up shit happens to good people sometimes."

"I write about things that tear me apart, and it's all very personal to me. It's funny to hear people disassemble the lyrics. If they get it wrong, it almost means more to me, because it's morphed into something that is meaningful to them."

"Johnny! Johnny Roastbeef! From the guitar solo buddy!"

"I could be jealous (of John) but I'm not. I'm proud of what I do"

"It was as if the dentist reached in through your ass to rip out your wisdom teeth." ~Robby on their tour with Bush

"I believe in anything that causes mass hysteria in children." (Like Poke'mon)

"Sometimes John just really pisses me off by how good he is. He touches that thing in you heart that men don't like to have touched."

"My parents weren't very supportive of my lifestyle at first, but now they see us on MTV and it's okay."

"Don't ever commit yourself to something you think is really, really funny. Cuz, uh, it will come back and haunt you." ~Robby on their band name

"My songs are in millions and millions of households, whether they're the songs on the radio or not. To me that's a brilliant victory."

"I'm like a cockroach--nothing affects me whatsoever."

"We will single-handedly responsible for bringing the magic of Pokemon over to Bosnia!"

"I mean, our biggest problem with getting songs on the radio right now is we have too many songs on the radio."

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