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My Goo Goo Dolls Poem

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Who Are The Goos?

By Raven MacDonald
Written in 2002

The Goos are actually the Goo Goo Dolls
You can hear them in concerts and malls
They love to sing and play
They sing about a girl named May
Johnny is leader; He plays guitar
Robby plays bass near and far
Mike does drums; He is good
I would too if I could
Albums are First Release, Jed, Hold Me Up
Superstar Carwash, A Boy Named Goo, and Dizzy Up The Girl
When I hear them I dance and twirl
1987 is when they started
They thought they were retarded
But they were so wrong
Because not before long
They wrote Name
It got them big fame
Then the nicknames sellouts, over, and done
But then Iris went to Number One!!
It was written for the movie City of Angels
When it came out the Goos got out of financial tangles
Now comes Slide a wonderful big hit
The Goo Goo Dolls definitely deserved it
Then came Broadway
Good for a bad day
Last but not least came Black Balloon
And Johnny did not reached his expected doom
Now the album comes to the store
Every fan is waiting for more and more!!!!
Now in 2002 they released Gutterflower the CD
So now that you see
Who the Goos are
Help spread the Goos music near and far!!!!!!!

2002-2006 Raven