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Nikki meets the Goos In KY!

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I went to the Goo show in Louisville, Kentucky at the Louisville Palace on May 27th 2002. It was so awesome! They played great (as usual). Johnny used jokes like "I burned 'Gutterflower' like ump-teen times to give to all my sisters as early christmas presents" LoL He had the whole crowd laughing with his corny jokes the whole time. I got some really good up-close pics of the guyz. I went with my friend Andrea to the show, she didn't really know much about them, she just liked 'Here Is Gone', but after the show, she was hooked!

Well after the show, we hadn't even planned on trying to meet them, it kinda just happened unexpectedly. After they told us to have a safe trip home and the lights went back on me and Andrea hurried to get to the car before there was too much traffic and too hard to get out and stuff. Well I suggested that just incase, we should ask one of the security guards if they knew anything about them doing any autogragh signings after the show, and he said, "they sometimes come back a few hours after the show and play around and pack up, you can try waiting."

So I told Andrea that we HAD to stay after so I could meet the guys. We waited for what seemed like FOREVER, we almost left a couple times after we got our hopes up. We were sitting waiting on the Palace steps when we heard a few "O my God!!!" 's, So we ran down the steps and saw them, there was only like 20 people there so we were about in the middle of the line.

When it was my turn I gave Johnny my 'Gutterflower' booklet and he signed it, it read, "Nikki loves Johnny, XOXO" I could have died! Then when I smiled, he noticed I had braces on and he goes, "So how much longer till u get them off" I was like " Orthidontist say's in about 2 months" And he goes, "Lookin' good Lookin' good" I felt pretty stupid at that point. Then I asked him if I could give him a hug and he goes "Sure" (By the way, his smile is perfect!) He gave me a tight hug, and I shook his hand good-bye and when I was pulling away from him he goes, "Kiss" and gave me a little kiss on the head... And at that point I thought I was like going to black-out (I might have).

And I ran to Andrea and I was like "Did u see that???!!!" And she was like "You shouldv'e seen the look on ur face" I was like "Oh well, that was awesome!" SO, Johnny is like the sweetest person in the world and so is Robby and Mike, Robby is really short! I was about 5 inches taller than him, But he is just as sweet, and Mike is TALLLLL, I was looking way up at him. But he is also just as sweet :) Well, that was my concert experience that I will NEVER forget, and I can't wait till my next Goo concert on Aug. 2nd in Indianapolis! :)

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