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Kristyn Gets GOO'OD In Atlantic City!!

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Kristyn's Atlantic City Adventure!

***June 7,2002***

It was the same day the goos had appeared on the Today Show. Since I was going to the show that night I was told that i couldn't go to Today....but thats ok cuz it was raining. Anyway I was going with a bum knee that I got the week B4 from my schools 24-hour relay. Everyone was really happy for me that I was going to see my first concert ever...and yes it has to be GOO!

~~~~~TIME FLYS~~~~~

So now were in the car listening to Gutterflower. The car was pacted with 4 goobers, a mom and a dad. I was getting a little nervous and kept asking someone else if they wanted my ticket...I know you think I'm crazy..well I am. I didn't eat anything in case I got sick. So now were listening to ABNG and all of a sudden I see the Giant billboard!. I was so syked.

~~~~~TIME FLYS~~~~~

So now were at the hotel/casino and were walking to the arena and I really had to go to the bathroom, so as were walking, this local radio station was playing Gutterflower and it made me happy!....I was really nervous to go in...I didn't want to...I don't know my friends sister and her friend sat down in their seats which were 11 rows infront of me and my friend went to go buy some we were in line we talked to some girls who were younger then us...the one started to say.."omg i love robby"..then the other "I love Johnny" and then out of no where some gay guy goes up to the girl and says "no way honey Johnny is mine!... so I turned around and pushed my way up to the front and said to the man very quickly "2 medium sweatshirts 2 medium shirts" was funny at the time, believe me


Five For Fighting was on...and I frankly could care less.... oh yea this is were my bum knee saves the day!!...We were in row 23 seats 5&6...well the seats infront of us didn't give us alot of space so my leg was sitting on seat 4..and alittle we asked the people in seats 1&2 if we could switch...ahh much better...much better view!....I think the lady thought I was faking though....oh well I wasn't!....And all of a sudden I hear the first chord to Big Machine and I jumped up!!! OMG I couldnt' believe I was there!....and this screen type of partition started to raise and all of a sudden, and Johnny comes flying out....but the funny part is that he was about to hit his head on the screen so he had to

So they were 3 or 4 songs later is were it got interesting... it was Truth Is A Whisper and Johnny starts laughing really hard!!! I was like...hey those aren't the the song johnny explains for his laughter...he was like "I was laughing for either A.) I forgot the words ..or B.) I was distracted by all the bras just thrown on the stage....then he started to pick them up and asked the girls if they wanted them back b/c they looked expensive! Then he picked a certain one up and said "this ones all squishy. Oh I know it's one of those waterbras...a girl I dated once had a waterbra...and y'know what I did...I stuck it in the freezer. Then I put it back wither stuff in the moring for when she got dressed...lets just say she wasn't my girlfriend much longer"


Johnny also asked us if we had caught the Today show that morning...and I had taped it so I had...he was like "Katie couric was sooo coming on to me, and that girl anne...well she had man hands!." was great...i almost forgot to say...someone gave Johnny this stuffed animal..and it was a of course he had comments like this one "oh I know it's one of those blow-up sex monkey's"...and I'm does he know what one looks like??..anyways he says "y'know God gave us arms that can reach the middle of our body for a reason.....i'm sleeping with this tonight..."....back to jamming...oh there was this guy with his g/f sitting behind us and apparently every song that John would mention this guy would start going.."Black balloon yea!!!!!.....Name this is my song!!!"..he was drunk.....and during Name johnny repeated himslef so he starts to sing "Didn't I already sing this now I'll just repeat myslef again.."....and during the Iris solo thing Johnny pulls out his lighter...and it wasnt' he's sitting there trying to get it to work.....oh yea!!!!

There was this one part during the concert were no one was screaming or yelling or anything so me and Amy start to scream...and I scream very very loud.....and Johnny does a little twirl on stage and hand motions to us...he put his finger to his ear and then to us...and I was like....what the hell did he say Amy....and she was like I don't know....and then I finally figured it out.....he told us that he could hear me and aims just started to scream dorks... I know!...anyways for the encore he came out with his trusty cigerette...and they just jammed on for the rest of the night.....I don't think any other concert could beat this...except maybe another GOO one on Aug 14...I'm hoping.....I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to meet them ...thats only b/c we didn't know you could do that...and b/c it was like 12:30 at night and we had a 2 hour ride back home...hope you enjoyed.....

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