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Sunday, May 14th, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

Welcome back all my fellow GOO fans! As I said in my opening message on the homepage, I've been running this site for quite a long time, and although there have been extended hiatuses throughout it's run, my site has stayed relatively active. I've now updated it, and pretty much everything is different. The work I put into it doesn't show nearly as much as I wish it did, but if you'll take notice, all of the font is changed, the colors, etc. The little things like that that took so long don't seem like a big deal, but it feel like an accomplishment! =P

I've changed all of the pictures to be thumbnails hosted by Photobucket. This frees up a lot of space on my site, meaning that I can upload other things. =)

Check out every page... there's more than likely something new on each one. I have added many pictures, and even some videos to the Fun Stuff page. You'll also notice that some things are gone... I deleted pointless things in attempt to clean up the site. I hope it's worked.

If you haven't signed my guestbook before, please do so before you leave. If you have signed it before, you can sign it again and tell me what you think of the whole renovation. =)

This is what the site used to look like:

Thanks for stopping by! Expect regular updates!


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