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November 30 2002

It all started on Saturday morning. This is not like my other some of my other concerts that I won, we actually paid for this one. We had originally gotten 16th row, but later we got to move up. So, there was a friend that we met at the Nashville concert, (who does not want her name out there, so I am calling her Jane) and she and my mom and I wanted to go to the Birmingham concert together. So, she came here at around 10:30 am, and we were off to Birmingham! We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel, so when we got to AL, we went there, and checked in, and all that good stuff. Then, we took showers and naps and all, and went down to the sports bar to eat. Thats where I met Holly. (Hi Holly!) Anyway, when we left there, we went back to the hotel room to freshen up, and we had written a song called, The 12 days of GOO in the car, and I had to write it down, so in case we met them, we could give it to Robby. If you are interested, here is how it goes its like the tune to the 12 days of Christmas On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear tree. On the 2nd day of Christmas, my true love gave to me 2 turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree. And so on like that. Here we go

GGD 1) Gutterflower CD Rzez 2) 2 Days in February GGD 3) 3 boys from Buffalo GGD 4) 4 deep fried boots Rzez 5) 5 Black Balloons Rzez 6) 6 bandanas Takac 7) 7 bottles of hair dye Takac 8) Pez dispensers Rzez 9) 9 white wife beaters Malinin 10) 10 drum sticks drumming Takac 11) 11 pinballs with hair GGD 12) 12 Tattoos

So that was our little song, LOL. Anyway, after I wrote it down and we were ready to go, we went to the concert! When we got there, we had to figure out what to do. Here is the situation : Jane had 2 tickets, one for her friend and one for her. Her friend had bailed on her, so Jane had a ticket in 5th row, and one in 9th row. We decided to try and get me and my mom up to the 9th row. People were sitting all around us, so I had to sit in my moms lap for the entire Lisa Loeb! About Lisa, I have to say, she was the worst opening act to pick! I felt so sorry for her, because no one wanted to really listen to her or nothing. I didnt like her music, and she only changed guitars once. I guess she was not a good opener for the Goos, but anyway, why dwell on her.

So, when she was finished, we expected the whole crowd would stand up, so you no one would know that 2 of us were in one seat! (Hey, we got to move up 7 rows!)First, this is what they were each wearing (except Mike, you know we cant see him.) Johnny : Green bandana, regular tennies, camo pants, and a black tank top. Not a wife beater, just a tight shirt with no sleeves. Robby : a black shirt (I think) with a Dopey from Snow white, jeans, and the cutest little toe socks that I think were red and white. And here is the set list :

9:19 pm
Long Way Down
Big Machine
You Never Know
Tucked Away

9:42 pm
Black Balloon
Here Is Gone

9:56 pm
Truth Is A Whisper

10:03 pm
Think About Me
Lucky Star

10:15 pm
All Eyes On Me

10:31 pm

10:39 pm
WHAT A SCENE! (My favorite)

January Friend
American Girl

After Long Way Down, Johnny looked into the audience and was like, Its hard to play up here, there are way too many pretty girls! Then, during Slide, the red curtain dropped and after Slide, Johnny was like, All you people in the back, come on down! Its like the Price is Right! Come on down! Right before Black Balloon, I called my friend Nikki, who is not on the boards then one of the best parts of night happened! I have heard that this has happened before, but it was awesome to see it for myself! There was a girl that was talking on her cell phone during Black Balloon, and when the song was over, Johnny goes, Who were you talking to during my song??? Give me your cell phone, and I am gonna call them. Then the girl was like in the 3rd row or something, and she passed up the phone to him. He gets on it, and goes, Ok, how do I call ah yeah, redial lalala Hello? Yes, who is this? (she said her name I think, but none of us could hear. He put the phone by the mic, and told her to say her name loud, but we couldnt hear it.) Then, they started talking, and he said Why are you too cheap to buy a ticket to my concert?... oh yeah, I know, times are hard. So, you have to do me a favor and come out to one of the shows you know, Goo Goo Dolls. Yeah, ok. How old are you? 14?! Got to go bye! Wrong Number!!. Then he hung up on her! (Im 14! Hehe) It was so funny, I wish I could have gotten that part on tape or something, it was hilarious!

Then, after Truth is A Whisper, he said something like, I love it when people bring signs to our concerts I want to see some of these pass them up here, come on One of the signs said I taste better than Hotel Grilled Chicken, and another one said, Im Mr. John Muscles Marinara. It was very cute! He held up a bunch, (I got a pic of each one), and then he got a birthday card. Before he opened it he was like, Its not my birthday thats not until December 5th for those on stage THAT NEED A REMINDER! I hate getting older, you stop getting birthday cards that have money in them *laughs* Then, he opened the card, which had a poor bear on the front and he showed it to the audience and all that. I thought that was cute too

Then, the silver curtain came on, and during Think About Me, these 2 guys in front of me lit up something illegal, and the security came over and started hitting him with his little stick thing. He did not make the guy leave, although I thought he should have. Before Johnny started playing Think About me, he said, I love this song! I want you guys to call radio stations, and start requesting this one! Then Robby talked a little bit he said that they have been making music for a long time, and even though not all of the crowd knew every song, they were having a blast and were so energetic! I was happy that he noticed that in us! Then, Johnny came out with a cigarette, and Robby went into Lucky Star! After that, when they were playing Smash, you know the part where Robby goes, I love it when things work out, after he sang that, he goes, I Do!.

Before Name came on, Johnny did the famous joke about in 15 years, he will be sitting there watching TV, and the commercial comes on we all know that one, except he did not say anything about having kids in this one Then, Johnny told like the best joke ever!!! The audience was all like screaming, WE LOVE YOU JOHNNY!!! Johnny was like, Ok, OK you dont love me until you are lying next to me in bed, and I get up to go to the bathroom and you hear me fart TTTTHHHHHH! HAHAHA. It was soooooo funny when he said that, I laughed my butt off at that one! And I know that I love a girl when we go out boozing, and then we come home, and I can hold her hair over the toilet while she pukes it all up! Then, you cant let it go, so you have to make jokes about it to her Can you play the puckilaylie? (Like uqilaylie (SP?)) or are you talking on the big white telephone? (Like the toilet), and then one about who is your favorite acress, something HURLy!! They were all really really funny, and he did more than that, I just cant remember them all! Lets see he came out with the purple vectra as usual on Broadway and during Broadway Jason started playing the sax, and I think it surprised Johnny cuz he was like, What else do you have back there that you can play? that was funny too. Then, Johnny was like, Wouldnt it be cool if we could make it like a Ricki Lake show, and take the mic around and ask people questions? (In a miniking voice, like from the Ricki lake show) Why do you think your so cool? I dont think I am cool I aint cool

Then, I thought it was kinda cute cute cuz during Sympathy, Robby was sitting on the stage playing a maraca. Hehe. Right before Iris came on, the famous Disco ball came down! Then, the last thing that happened was that for the encore, Johnny came out with a sideways v shaped guitar. It was like a pointy guitar. Johnny said he swore he would never use one, but for some reason he went around that. Oh yeah, the guitar was orange. Him and Robby were talking about how pointy and stuff it was

Anyway, that was the concert, which I thought ROCKED because everyone was so lively, and the Goos were lively And at one point, they were talking about acid, and he said he was at some concert, and he said, I dont understand the music They told him if he took acid, he would understand it more. Robby said that if you have to take acid in order to understand music your nuts. Johnny was like, I took acid once, and I ended up drinking booze out of a girls shoe, and making out with her in a like a snowy ditch or something. Robby was like, Now John, you are not making acid sound so bad. Johnny said, Mike took acid once, and thats how he ended up in our band! It was very funny.

When the concert was all over and all that, Jane, my mom and I all met up outside the venue, and headed for the buses, which we had located prior to entering the venue. It was like, soooooooooo cold out there. So, we are like waiting there, and waiting there, and we know they will come out. So, then finally, the new security guard (I heard Jason left), Mike, came up to us and was like, Ok, I want you all in a single file line This was much like Memphis (only MUCH cooler) so I knew how this was gonna work! So, we all lined up, and after a very very long wait, (it was funny cuz one guard said in a shy voice, Go Home) Johnny and Robby walked up the hill! Mike was not with them, and they security people said that they couldnt find him! Anyway, Johnny came first. I had picked one thing for them to sign and it was my Only One single on pink vinyl 45. They only issued 1,000 of them, so I got it on ebay when I saw it! Johnny came down to my mom first and she held out her ticket and he took it and signed it, and then she told him that she really really wanted to hug him. So when he finished, he gave her a big hug! My mom was on the phone with Nikki at the time, and my mom asked him if he would say hi to our friend on the phone. He was like, Sure! and he kinda giggled. So, we kinda took the phone and put it up to his mouth and goes, Uh Hello, how are you??! I was like, so excited cuz that made my friend really happy! Then, he came down there to me! He was like, Hi, how are you? Good, thats nice. As he was signing the vinyls case thing. Then I asked him for a hug, and he gave me a big hug! I put my head on his shoulder and was like, Oooh, I love you Johnny!. He said, thanks! Then he told me he liked my hair, it was really cute, and that I looked like Princess Leah from Stars Wars! I was like freaking out and telling him thank you and all this stuff! When he went to Jane, she had had a very bad experience with him before, and she doesnt really like him. My mom and me are trying to change her from that, and I think this time helped. Anyway, she got him to sign her Superstar Carwash CD, and she told him this cool story about these writer people that she works with, they were looking for famous writers to analyze and stuff their work and look at it, and see what its about, and someone had recommended him. He was liked, flattered and stuff, and he told us that he is going to be writing a song with P!NK. Then he went on down, and it was weird because when he reached the end, he like cornered a girl, and they talked for like 10 minutes or more. Just the 2 of them. I wonder if they hit it off or something. All I know is that she was wearing a tank top and it was like -10 degrees or something. Anyway, then Robby was coming down! I was like even more freaking out, and trying to live with the fact that I was meeting the best guys in the world and that I think the cold was making me retarded. Robby comes down, and to my mom first, and he is like super super nice. He comes up and goes, Hey Lady! He takes her ticket, and signs it, and then asks for a hug, and he gives her this nice warm hug!!! Really sweet! Then he comes to me, and takes my vinyl and he looks at it, and he goes, Wow!! This is old! Awesome! He wrote on it, Im pink! robby. Then, I asked for a hug, and he threw his arms up in the air, and goes, Sure! and hugs me like really tight!! I dont think my mom has hugged me that nice before! j/k mom. I kept saying thank you or something, and he was like, all your welcome. And then he was like, So cute, so cute and gave me this awesome smile! Jane gave him the song that we wrote, and she told him it was funny, and that he should be drunk when he reads it, cuz that will make it funnier! He was like, Alredy had a few, but I will have to get more! And he hugged Jane and signed her CD insert. Mike didnt come out, like I said, they said they couldnt find him. WE MISSED YOU MIKE! It was like totally one of the best nights of my life! The concert was wonderful, I got to meet them, and they were so sweet it was truly wonderful! Thank you so much Goo Goo Dolls for putting on a GREAT show!!

2002-2006 Raven