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Goo Quiz #1

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Get pencil and paper, and write down your answers.

Goo Goo Dolls Test On 5 Songs

1. What is the line that comes after the phrase, "As bright as you are" in the song "Lucky Star"?

A. Dont get burned by your Lucky Star
B. Stop crying in the bar
C. Why are you reaching for your Lucky Star?
D. You blind me in my car

2. What song does the words, "You're cynical and beautiful, you always make a scene" come from?

A. Big Machine
B. So Far Away
C. Dizzy
D. Lucky Star

3. What album does the song "So far Away" come from?

A. Dizzy Up The Girl
B. Hold Me Up
C. Gutterflower
D. Superstar Carwash

4. What album came after the album "Hold Me Up"?

A. Superstar Carwash
B. Dizzy Up The Girl
C. Jed
D. None Of These

5. "Now this angry little girl drowning in this petty world" comes from what song?

A. Dizzy
B. Big Machine
C. Two days In February
D. Lucky Star

6. According to the song "Two Days In February", what did he hang on the wall?

A. His plant
B. Her picture
C. A clock
D. A painting

7. Which song has the chorus, "Everything you are falls from the sky like a star"?

A. Dizzy
B. Two Days In February
C. So Far Away
D. None Of These

8. Which album does "Big Machine" come from?

A. A Boy Named Goo
B. Superstar Carwash
C. Dizzy Up The Girl
D. Gutterflower

9. In the song "Lucky Star", what did Ri say?

A. Shoot
B. Sugar
C. Shit
D. Hello

10. According to the song "So Far Away", what line comes after the phrase, "You said that its all been said before"?

A. Now I find that theres something I dont know
B. I aint scared at all
C. Things that you cant grow
D. You say that its all my fault

11. In the song "Two Days In February" what does he break to make a call?

A. His finger
B. His head
C. The phone
D. The wall

12. What album does the song "Lucky Star" come from?

A. Superstar Carwash
B. Hold Me Up
C. A Boy Named Goo
D. None Of These

13. In the song "Big Machine" what is he waiting for?

A. You
B. Himself
C. His best friend
D. The dog

14. The line, "Tell me something I dont know" comes from what song?

A. Big Machine
B. Dizzy
C. So Far Away
D. Two Days In February

15. What year was the album "Hold Me Up" released?

A. 1991
B. 1989
C. 1995
D. 1998

16. What year was the song "Dizzy" released? (In order to know the answer you must know the album it came from and what year that album was released)

A. 1993
B. 1991
C. 1995
D. None Of These

17. What kind of song is "Two Days In February"?

A. Heavy Metal
B. Sort Of Soft
C. Rock, but not heavy metal
D. Pop

18. Who sings the song "Lucky Star"?

A. Johnny
B. Robby
C. Mike
D. George

19. Who sings the song "Big Machine"?

A. Robby
B. George
C. Johnny
D. Mike

20. Which Goo wrote the song "Dizzy"?

A. Mike
B. Robby
C. All the Goos
D. None Of These


1. A
2. C
3. D
4. A
5. B
6. B
7. A
8. D
9. B

17-20 correct || From carwashes to gutterflowers, you know it all!
13-16 correct || GOOd work, although you might want to brush up on your boys named Goo.
9-12 correct || Not quite in touch with your Gooey side.
8-11 correct || I hope you didn't break a finger to make that 50/50 call.
4-7 correct || Almost worthy of a slaughterhouse.
0-3 correct || Your ass should be beat with a baseball bat!

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