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Goo Quiz #2

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Get pencil and paper, and write down your answers.

1) What album is “Out Of The Red” on?

A) First Release
B) Jed
C) Hold Me Up
D) B-side

2) Who is Phyllis? ______________________

3) What book did Johnny recommend?

A) Cyder House Rules
B) The Giver
C) Petals on the Wind
D) Politics

4) If you take the year Johnny was born, add it to the year Mike was born, subtract the year Robby was born and multiply it by the date of Robby’s birthday, what do you get? *note:for years, use ex.56, not 1956) _________________

5) Who did Robby compare himself to in the Rosie O'donnell show in 2002?

A) Brad Pitt
B) Robert D'nero
C) John Rzeznik
D) Bruce Willis

6) What cartoon does Robby like? _________________

7) Is "Don't Change" a cover song? ______

8) Who originally sang "Gimme Shelter"?

9) Johnny's favorite movie(s) are? __________________

10) What song is this lyric from, "War children, it's just a shot away, it's just a shot away!"?

A) Misfortune
B) Gimme Shelter
C) Torn Apart
D) We Are the Normal


1. C
2. Johnny's oldest sister
3. A
4. 2.67
5. B
6. Pokemon
7. Yes
8. The Rolling Stones
9. The Godfather Trilogy
10. B

7-10 correct || You're dizzy with Goo!
4-6 correct || You need a lucky star.
1-3 correct || It's over.

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