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My Goo Goo Dolls Collection

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(found here)
First Release
Hold Me Up (x2)
Super Star Carwash (x2)
A Boy Named Goo (x2)
Dizzy Up The Girl (x2)
What I Learned About Ego, Opinion, Art, and Commerce
Gutterflower (x2)
Live in Buffalo
Let Love In (x2)
Long Way Down
Only One (vinyl)
Iris (with Lazy Eye)
Slide (with Iris and acoustic versions of both)
Slide (with Acoustic #3 and Nothing Can Change You)
Black Balloon (cassette and CD)
Here is Gone
Big Machine
I'm Still Here
Other CDs
Platinum Play EP
Tribute to New York (9/11) : “American Girl”
Batman and Robin Soundtrack : “Lazy Eye”
Tommy Boy Soundtrack : “Wait for the Blackout”
Freddy’s Dead Soundtrack : “I’m Awake Now”
Burnt CD of Live, Acoustic, and Rare tracks
Live from the Lounge With Ryan Seacrest Interview (2 official cd’s)
Bob and Tom Interview from the radio (cassette)
(In this picture)
Reversible poster : Side Showing>John in Front
& Other side>Girl swimming in water, blurry
12 Gutterflower Flats (3 showing in picture)
Hold me Up poster with George
Rare Australian magazine Pull out (in the swimming pool)
Saturn Ion
Black Balloon release
Hold Me Up Flat
(In this picture)
2 Dizzy Up The Girl Flats
(In this picture)
5 Foot Dizzy Banner (cloth)
(in this picture)
Gutterflower Tour
(in this picture)
Dizzy Poster John in White tank
Black Hoodie (Gutterflower)
White Band on front (Gutterflower)
Red girl’s hands (Gutterflower)
White Band on front Diamond Logo on back (Dizzy)
Grey/Black Baseball T with Spiral and What A Scene (Gutterflower)
Black girl’s face (Gutterflower)
Pink baby doll with heart (Dizzy)
White/Black Baby doll with (Gutterflower) flower
Black Baby doll with “Goo Goo Dolls” on it, and stars in the o’s
Black Dizzy Boys on front with beads, back diamond logo
Black Thorn with big machine Lyrics under it(Gutterflower)
Black Gutterflower Crew shirt 2002
Robby's Lobby shirt
Black Let Love In shirt (cover of CD on front, tour dates on back)
Blue Let Love In shirt (three pictures on front, two of girl, one of band, and tour dates on back)
White radio t-shirt with radio name and words “The Goo Goo Dolls”
Music in High Places
Live In Buffalo
32 hours of Goo footage on 8 DVDs
11 8x10 Glossy Promos (ranging from First Release through all the records to Gutterflower)
8x10 Big Machine Promo ad
100 or more Magazine and newspaper clippings
Gutterflower Tour Program
Buzzine Magazine with Goos on cover
Acoustic Guitar World Magazine with John on cover
Modern Drummer magazine with Mike on cover
Bass Magazine with Robby interview and pictures inside
Live pictures from 9 shows that I have been to
Rare Japanese tour program
8x10 Glossy of John in Concert
Tons of pictures on the computer
Homemade scrap book
Other things
Round Dizzy Up the Girl tour Necklace with chain
Gutterflower Tour Necklace with chain
Let Love In washer
Let Love In dog tag
Let Love In wristband
All Access Pass (guy gave it to me after show!)
Backstage Pass
Black Gutterflower tour panties
Over 15 stickers from Gutterflower, Dizzy, and Let Love In
5 pins
Trading Card featuring the Goos from 1991
Pick that I caught when John threw it at a show
Pick that I caught when Brad threw it at a show
Two picks that Damage gave us (one is John's and one is Robby's)
Membership in The Inner Circle (x2 - my mom and I each have one)
Signed Items (all of these are already mentioned, I am just saying the ones that are signed)
(found in this picture)
Trading card from 1991
Gutterflower Flat
Modern Drummer Magazine
Hold Me Up Flat
Gutterflower CD
Envelope the tickets came in
8x10 Glossy of John in concert
Only one single (vinyl)
Let Love In CD (x2)

2002-2006 Raven