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Quotes From Mike

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You're making a guest appearance as yourself in the TV show of your choice. What's the show, and how do you fit into the plot?

Mike Malinin: Charmed. I don't care what the plot is, as long as I get to make out with Alyssa Milano.

"I like hitting stuff, everything else is overrated."

"We`re into a real anti-Backstreet Boys trip here aren`t we!!"

"No, you don't understand. We have to sit here everyday and listen to Johnny going 'Oh we suck. We're so uncool, everybody cool is gonna hate us'."

"The Mandarin language has a symbol for every word. So how can you have puns? WHAT DO THEY DO FOR FUN?!"

"I cant sing very well. Any duet that I did wouldnt be a duet, cuz Id be silent."

"Sometimes I sleep in my clothes, so I guess." ~Mike when he was asked if he ever wore his PJ's to the grocery store

"I was arrested for being drunk in a public kinda thing. They slapped me around a little bit, sobered me up, sent me home. That was enough. I was scared straight."

"My karma and charisma brought fame to the band."

"Beavis is the most important character in American humor in the last fifteen years."

"Nope no tattoos... I'm Lame."

"Do you know what it's like when your about to eat your nice roast beef sandwhich and there's this guy going 'Hey, Mike, check me out!' and dancing on your table?" - (on Johnny's table dance)

"...When you're making a record, you can listen to it in the studio and it sounds great, but you gotta make a cassette of it and put it in like a bad car stereo and make sure it sounds ok..."

"What do a grape and an elephant have in common? They both havetrunks, except for the grape."

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