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Lousville Show

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Okay, so here it all is... We (meaining me, my mom, and my friend) drove up to Kentucky on Monday morning. We got to the hotel at around 5:00pm. We settled in and headed for the palace at around 6:45. So we got there and waited in line for a while. When we got in we saw how beautiful the place was. I mean it used to be a play theater and it had stautes and a lot of scenery up. The entire area where the stage and audiance were was about 25-30 seats back. We're talking close and personal. We got in line to buy stuff and I got a pin set with three pins, 3 stickers, and a really cool white shirt with the picture of the Goo's that is on the back of the Gutterflower CD. My mom was in front row and me and my friend were in eighth row. We were sitting behind these really annoying girls who would not stop screaming, and holding their sign in front of my face. The guard eventually came and took the sign away (Ha Ha). So here comes the opening band, Sense Field (nothing special, kinda lame if you ask me). When they were done playing, out came THE Goo Goo Dolls. They played... (in this order)

Big Machine
Long Way Down
Burnin' Up
Truth Is A Whisper
Here Is Gone
January Friend
Black Balloon
Think About Me
Lucky Star
Cuz You're Gone
Tucked Away
Flat Top
Sympathy What A Scene
Encore: Name, You Never Know, American Girl

In the middle of Here Is Gone, my mom came back to my row and said that I could trade seats with her for a while, since I am totally in love with them and she justs loves them. While I was in front row Robby stared and pointed at me and smiled. It was so cool. I thought I would die. By the way, Robby has lost a lot of weight and look REALLY good last night. Also Robby said that he got married, I don't know if anyone else knew this, but I just found out. He had a ring on his finger. Glad to see him happy. I got to stay in front row until they played Iris and momma wanted me to go back to my own seat. Johnny was wearing a greyish/green tank top with black pants and tennis shoes. His hair and him looked GREAT. Robby was wearing a black t-shirt with something on it that I could not read. He was wearing light blue jeans with his hair as normal (he did not wear shoes as usual too!) He looked GREAT too. I could not see what Mike was wearing, but I'm sure it was cute. The other guitarist and keyboardist, who I don't know thier names, were there too.

Near the end of the show, Johnny told everyone who the girl on the cover of the Gutterflower CD was. She is the daughter of a girl that he new. When he met the little girl, she called him a bad word and punched him where it hurts most. He said he wanted to punch her back, but instead he would just choke her (ha ha). Before the show was over, Johnny pulled out a cigartte and started smoking. I thought it was funny, but I want him to stop. He said that he was trying to quit and that he should quit. (That's good)

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