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Memphis Show

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June 19, 2002

OK, so it all started when I won tickets from Dave at the Gutterflower Street Team (Thank you soooo much, Dave!). My mom and I drove 4 hours to get to Memphis, TN. Of course, we listened to the Goo Goo Dolls the WHOLE way. Anywho, we got there at around 3:30. As we were driving to find a hotel, we drove by the Goos buses. I started to scream and yell Mom, go back, go back, NOW!!!. I said that cuz right beside the bus wuz Robby takin a pic for a fan! All I saw was the back of his head, but I could tell it was him! LOL When we got back to that spot, Robby was gone Go we got our hotel, and headed down to stand by the buses to wait for a while.

We waited around for about 15 minutes and then we saw Greg Suran, the guitarist. All the people (including my mom and I) were too shy to say anything to him, but he did smile and wave! It wuz kinda funny cuz he wuz wearing pink (yes pink) flip flops. Then about 30 minutes later, we saw the keyboard guy (sorry, whats his name??) and he had no shirt on cuz he had been running. Last we saw Mike go into the bus. Still too shy to say anything. LOL I met 2 girls while I was waiting Jessica, and one I did not get her name (if you are that girl, sorry) We 4 talked for a bit and then around 7 (the show started @ 7:30) we went inside.

I bought a shirt (black and grey baseball T with a swirling thing that said Goo Goo Dolls in the middle) and a 4-pack of stickers. I bought my friend Nikki a shirt, pins and stickers, too. Then we headed inside. My mom and I had 11th row, the first 2 on the isle, so I had a really good view of it all. I could see everything. Our tickets and a sign said that you could not take pictures inside the theater, but I took my camera in anyway, and took 20 pics!! The security guards never saw that I had a camera with a flash on the end of the row! I would have taken 24 pics, but I wanted to save some in case I met the Goos after the show The concert wuz great except the Goos did not seem as lively as they did at the Louisville show, but who could blame em, poor guys are tired. Also the audience wuz lame, I mean I danced and shouted and clapped my head off, and flashed the rock sign many times. The people around me just kinda stood there, no singing, or dancing. LAME!!! The opening act, Five For Fighting, was pretty good. Not nearly as good as the Goos, but they were kool. I danced to their songs even though I wuz sittin. Everyone was, that is until the Goos came on

Here is the song listing for the Goos:

Big Machine
Long Way Down
You Never Know
Truth Is A Whisper
Here Is Gone
January Friend
Black Balloon
Think About Me
Cuz Youre Gone (1,000 words)
Tucked Away
Broadway (playing his purple vectra)
What A Scene
Encore : Burnin Up, American Girl

Johnny read a USA today article about them. It so dissed the Goos, but Johnny wuz laughing. During the encore, Johnny came out with his cigarette. (I wish hed stop) So after the show my mom and I were wanting to stay to see if we could meet them, or at least try. But the parking garage closed 30 minutes after the show wuz over. So we QUICKLY went to our car and moved it to a far off parking lot. We went back to the buses and stood around with about 200 people. About 10 minutes after the show wuz over (10:45 or so) a guard, I mean THE guard came out and said The Goo Goo Dolls wont be coming out tonight. Its my choice, the Goo Goo Dolls want to come out but I wont let them. So about 30-50 people left. We waited for another 30 minutes and this one girl said If they arent coming out then how come the guards are still standing here?. I thought Good Point. So we stayed. I mean the Goos have to get on the bus sometime.

So were right by the door but the guard said They will only come out if everyone is single file up against the wall. So we all got in line and my mom, me and Monica (a girl that we met) went to the back of the line. I got the lead singer of Five For Fighting to sign my ticket. I didnt really care, cuz I dont really like em. Then Mike came out!!! Oh my Gosh! He signed my Gutterflower booklet and a card that I have from 1991 with them on it. He said sure hed sign it even though George wuz on it. How sweet. Then Mike said something really cute, but he made me promise not to quote him on it! I told him he wuz the best drummer in the world and he was really shy when I said that! Next Johnny came (still trying to breath) I handed him the Gutterflower booklet and he signed it. As he was signing it, I asked him if I could give him a hug. He said Sure and I hugged him. The tighter I hugged, the tighter he hugged. I put my head on his shoulder! It was sooo awesome!! Then I handed him the 1991 card. He signed it and said Thank you for having our old stuff, you must be a really true fan, thanx for having the old stuff!! I wuz sooooo siked and I tried to not scream. I told him thank you. As he was signing my moms Gutterflower CD (shes a big fan, shes 34) I touched his Picasso tattoo. I said Mom, I touched his tattoo!!! Ahhh!! Johnny started to giggle a little. Then my mom asked him if she could hug him and he said Sure young lady. He looked SO cute standing right there, I mean really cute. And he was so sweet!!

Then I asked this guard if Robby wuz coming. The guard said Is he the one with the multi colored hair? I started to laugh and said Yes. He said yeah, he is coming. When Robby came down he was hugging a security guard! Then when he got to me and these 2 sweet girls next to me, he goes Shouldnt Big Machine be the next single? I said Yeah, but I really want You Never Know! He said Oh youre just saying that cuz I am standing here. If I wuz not here and Johnny wuz, you would not say that. I said No really, I would really love it that song was a single. And he goes Gosh. And his cute little face turned red! Then I handed him the Gutterflower CD, he signed it and then the card, he put a big smiley face on his face in the picture! Then he hugged me and I loved it!!! Then I handed him a letter that I wrote to the Goos, but I wanted to give it to Robby. By the way, Robby has lost a lot of weight, he looks great! So anywho, I gave him the letter and he looked at my name on the front. He said Raven, huh? I remember you. Are you from the internet? I said Yeah, I am on a lot and I e-mail you guys. He goes I have gotten your e-mails. I was so freaked out, I could not breath. I said Moma, thank you for naming me Raven! Thank you for naming me Raven!!

Here is what the Goos wore at the show : Johnny A black tank top with a red 8 on it, black pants and no shoes or sox. Robby a black shirt with some kinda white writin, and leather pants (he looked GOOD) and Mike did not catch what he wore although, he wore shorts, and he wuz cute no matter. The Goos were so sweet. The 2 girls that were standing beside me were so happy for me that Robby knew me and they offered me some water. We went to their car and got something to drink and they drove us back to our car just in case it had gotten towed or something. When we were leaving we saw Monica and so we gave her a ride home. In the car, the tour bus was behind us! I saw Johnny in the passenger side on a cell phone!!!! We frantically started waving and Johnny took the cell phone away from his ear and waved to us!

Not that anyone cares, but I was at Cracker Barrell the day after the concert and I saw a bunch of newspapers in a basket. I looked through em and I got the one that Johnny read on stage!!! I will typing it up tomorrow if you want to read it below. So anyway, I think that covers it all! E-mail me if you want to ask any questions about the show!!

USA Today Article

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